„Colors of the World“

On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of June two people came to SHS Linz and spoke English with us all the time. Christinne comes from the Philippines and Mathew from America, Colorado.

They are both 19 years old and it was great fun to work with them. We were split into two groups. Christinne did a quiz with us. It was called: „How Philippino are you?“ Did you know that the Philippines eat with their hands? On Tuesday morning Matthew baked pancakes with maple syrup for us and they were so good. I really liked them.

The project was so cool.

Lea, Celina 3b

It was interesting to speak English for two days and sometimes it was difficult to understand them and to speak English with them. To hear about their culture was also very exciting. I thought that after a while it was easier to communicate with them because sometimes there was no teacher in our class who we could have asked for an English word for help.

These two days were very cool because we learned a lot about the two countries – the Philippines and the USA. It was very interesting.

Damir 3b

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